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Choose Your Noel Gift with a Test

Every year, the same question comes up: what Christmas gift do I offer to my family and friends? How to be original, just fall and not ruin yourself?

What would you like to receive as a gift, let’s try to solve it with a test.

1/10 If you were to define yourself, you would rather say that you are:

a) As sweet as a cloud 
b) As fiery as a first kiss 
c) As boiling as a bubble bath 
d) As free as a bird As sparkling 
e) As a bottle of champagne 
f) As flourishing as a cartoon princess

2/10 On Christmas Day, who will gift to you

a) From your parents 
b) From your lover 
c) From your grandparents 
d) From your brothers and sisters 
e) From your friends You yourself. 
f) You are the only one to know exactly what you want.?

3/10 On the Santa Claus list, you are the type to ask:

a) A Princess Dress 
b) Fine lingerie 
c) Gentle Care 
d) A travel 
e) A gift 
f) Something that makes you smile.

4/10 What you like most:

a) Eat some candies 
b) Kiss your darling 
c) Throw yourself into a snow battle 
d) To go on holiday 
e) Watching Fireworks 
f) Spend a day in an amusement park

5/10 Fateful hour rang: you will open your gifts. What's your reaction ?

a) Waiting. It's too chubidouba. 
b) Moved. So much you could cry. 
c) Enthusiastic. Impatient to test this new gift. 
d) Voiceless. You can not find the words anymore. 
e) Surprised. You did not expect it. 
f) Happy. Whatever the gift, the Christmas spirit is already enough.

6/10 Your Christmas song would be:

a) Petit Papa Noël, when you descend from the sky with ...
b) All I want for christmas is youuuuuu ...
c) Long live the wind, live the wind, live the winter wind ...
d) We wish you a Merry Christmas ...
e) Christmas, Merry Christmas. Good kisses from Fort-de-France ...
f) My beautiful fir tree, king of the forests

7/10 It comes back every year. Yet, Christmas always remains:

a) A fairytale
b) A romantic moment
c) A fireplace, a fir tree and a good meal
d) Escape
e) A party
f) A joy
8/10 If you could customize your Advent calendar, it would be:

a) A calendar in sweets to chew! 
b) A sexy calendar for your darling. 
c) A calendar in fur to sleep with. 
d) A feathered calendar so that flies the days. 
e) A calendar in jokes and catches for fun. 
f) A colorful calendar to quickly get out of the winter.

9/10 It is time to start your letter for the old man in his red and white coat:

a) Dear Santa Claus, this year I was wise as a picture ... 
b) Dear Father Christmas, this year I was in love like never before ... 
c) Dear Santa Claus, this year I went to bed early every night ... 
d) Dear Papa Noël, this year, I am committed to humanitarianism ... 
e) Dear Papa Noël, this year, two / three nonsense, it does not count ... 
f) Dear Father Christmas, this year I made laugh and smile ...

10/10 If you had a great power, you would have:
a) The Gift of Returning to the Past 
b) The gift of seducing who you want 
c) The gift of controlling the weather 
d) The gift of flying 
e) The gift of giving gifts all the time 
f) The gift of smiling

Voila! This is my result. If you want to learn your result, please email me (info@troismondes.com) which choise is most marked , see what you want for the gift. 

You want "surprise" gifts You're a real player. You love to have fun with life. 
Dynamic, what do you prefer? The surprises! Improvised breakfasts, sweet words on a post-it, an appointment with an unknown, an unexpected evening, you like the unexpected, the confusing, the unexpected. 
You transform every moment of your life into a party. Under the tree, you want gifts that can hide another, gifts that have the ability to create surprise, unsuspected and unpredictable gifts.   

The gifts you need: A cat-shaped lipstick, a watch cuff, a panties in a Russian doll, an interchangeable shell ...

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